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Welcome to the Unofficial Soo Line Diesel Roster

The Most Accurate Soo Line Roster on the Internet

Due to the help of railfans like you, this roster contains information about 888 diesel locomotives from the Soo Line roster.   However, this roster is far from complete and still needs your help!

Please help to "fill-in-the-gaps" in the database of information or the photo library by clicking the "Update this Diesel" link at the bottom of each details page.  If you know of a diesel not listed, you may add it to the roster.

The Most Wanted List

The "Most Wanted List" consists of all the diesels in this roster that do not have any photos. If you've been sitting on a pile of slides that need to be scanned, now is the time to start scanning and help eliminate the "Most Wanted List" list!

A Special Thank You To...

In Memory of Joe Stauber

A special thank you to Keith Meacham for "jumping on board" with this roster project from day one. Without his generous contribution of numerous diesel photos, this roster wouldn't have gotten off the ground! Thanks Keith! Original photo credits go to the late Joe Stauber. Click here to read Keith Meacham's Tribute to Joe.